Xuzhou Golden Tiger Tools Making Co., LTD. Was founded in 1956, has a long history of fifty years, existing staff more than 1800 people, all kinds of professional and technical operation staff of 536 people, the fixed asset more than 6500 yuan. With modern hot die processing production line, equipped with advanced heat treatment, powder coating, gold phase analysis, hardness nondestructive testing, salt fog corrosion test and other production, testing equipment, the product factory qualified rate reached 100%. The company mainly produces wire cutters, pipe wrench, vladimir radmanovic, galvanized iron scissors, G word clamp, straight cleat, T clip, etc. Series of products, including bolt cutter production scale of the industry in the country. The company has won the "brand-name products in jiangsu province", "the ministry of agriculture quality products", "China’s rural enterprise famous brand product", "China’s light industrial industry high growth top 500 enterprises", "the jiangsu quality trustworthy enterprise", "the third China township and village enterprises export commodity fair gold medal", 1988-1990 won two consecutive times in jiangsu province people’s government citation ", 2001-2011 "JinHu brand" quotient.